When Will I Need an Oil Change?

Check out the signs of poor oil health

With summer heating up, you may notice your vehicle is also running a little hotter than usual. Your engine’s oil has the big task of keeping your vehicle cool even in the hottest temperatures. By cycling through the various parts of your engine, it keeps the parts from overheating. It’s more difficult for your vehicle to stay cool when it’s competing with the summer heat!

Most vehicle manufacturers provide an idea of an oil change schedule in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. However, your car also has ways of telling you when it’s time for an oil change. If you encounter any of these issues, bring your vehicle to a factory-trained technician like our team at Totten Pond.

Cloudy Look: Every vehicle owner should know how to check their oil dipstick under the hood. Once you locate it, pull the dipstick out, and you will be able to see the consistency of the oil. New oil should look runny and light brown but clear. As it ages, your oil thickens and collects debris from the engine and even from the road itself. The thicker it gets, the less effective it is in cooling your engine. Time for an oil change!

Sounds: If you are experiencing any unusual noises in your vehicle, this may result from old and ineffective oil. If your oil is not properly lubricating your engine parts, you may hear knocking or rattling from under the hood. This means those engine parts undergo unnecessary wear and tear because the engine oil does not protect them.

Smells: As the oil becomes less and less effective, your engine will begin to run at hotter and hotter temperatures. Soon you may notice the smell of burning in the passenger cabin. The overheating engine will require all your air conditioning to stay cool, and the hot air may make its way to you and your passengers.

Smoke: The most alarming sign you can see in your vehicle is any kind of smoke. If it is caused by an oil leak or an overheating engine, you’ll want to pull over and turn off the engine immediately. Even if you’re not sure, give your engine a while to cool down before investigating. Poor oil health could lead to fire or damaged engine parts that would result in smoke from under the hood.

These vehicle problems are more common in summer when your vehicle is starting at an even higher temperature. Make sure you keep up with a regular oil change schedule so you’re not caught in the heat on the side of the road while your vehicle needs a cooldown! Visit Totten Pond Automotive for your next oil change.

By on July 1st, 2021 in Oil Change