When Should You Get Your Vehicle Serviced?

Creating A Maintenence Schedule Too Prevent Unexpected Repairs

It’s critical that you keep your vehicle operating in tip-top condition. You rely on your auto to get to work, perform errands and other activities. The last thing you want is an unexpected auto repair. Expenses for fixing car problems can hit your pocket hard. One of the best ways to prevent costly repairs is to get regular service check-ups.

Read the Owner’s Manual

The most straightforward way to know when you need a routine maintenance visit is to follow the owner’s manual. It includes a detailed schedule that identifies the best times to take your car to an automotive repair company. For example, you may need an oil change once every 12 months. Automakers know their vehicles inside and out, so a service booklet has recommendations that are specific to every make and model. Your owner’s manual is a reliable resource for scheduling auto care services.

Use In-Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

Many new vehicles take the guesswork out of figuring out when to get your car serviced. Auto manufacturers equip new models with Maintenance Reminders Systems. The automated system notifies you when your car needs servicing. It provides alerts on the dashboard for the following:

  • Fluid level checks

  • Engine oil change

  • Component inspections

Maintenance Reminders System technology makes it easier for motorists to keep their automobiles well-maintained.

Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape With Waltham’s Best Auto Repair

Sometimes it’s not always clear when you need to visit an auto repair company for a routine checkup. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess. You can keep your vehicle running smoothly by using the auto manufacturer’s owner’s manual. If you have a new car, chances are you have a Maintenance Reminder System installed. It notifies you via alerts on your dashboard for a wide range of service tasks. When it’s time for auto care, schedule a service appointment today. We handle a variety of inspections, tests, and services here at Totten Pond Automotive.

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