What Is a Muffler and When Should It Be Replaced?

Everything You Need to Know

Keeping your muffler well maintained is essential in making sure your vehicle runs the way it was designed to. Not only that, but muffler maintenance can also ensure that your engine doesn’t get damaged and cause you to pay for costly repairs in the future. But what exactly does a muffler do, and how do you know when it should be repaired?

Here is a quick breakdown of everything a muffler does for your vehicle and how you can tell when it should be repaired or replaced. Call Totten Pond Automotive today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified mechanics for all of your muffler repair needs.

What Does a Muffler Do?

Decreases Engine Noise

Mufflers are designed to be somewhat of a soundproofing device for your vehicle. As the name suggests, mufflers are meant to reduce or “muffle” the sound an engine makes. A car’s muffler can provide you with a gentle and quiet ride by directing the engine’s sound through internal pipes and chambers and canceling out the noise.

Protects You From Harmful Toxins

Additionally, another critical function of the muffler is to direct exhaust fumes away from the engine, as well as the passengers in the vehicle. Exhaust fumes contain hazardous chemicals and toxins which can be harmful to you and your passengers. If the muffler is broken, these chemicals can make their way inside the vehicle and become extremely dangerous to inhale.

When Should Your Muffler Be Replaced

You Hear Excessive Noise

The most common sign of a muffler that needs repair is when you begin to hear excessively loud noises from your vehicle that are louder than usual. This often occurs when a muffler has separated from the car’s exhaust system or if rust damage has created a hole in the component.

You Smell Exhaust Fumes

The most concerning sign of a faulty muffler is when you start to notice a foul odor when driving. As previously mentioned, the muffler is designed to protect you from harmful gasses, and any irregular smells in your vehicle could indicate a muffler that isn’t working correctly. If you start to notice a smell of gasoline in your car, you must have your muffler inspected as soon as you can to prevent unsafe and unhealthy driving situations.

If you think your muffler needs inspection, bring your vehicle into Totten Pond Automotive today. For the past 30 years, we have been providing top quality repair and maintenance services to all of our customers in Waltham, Massachusetts, and the surrounding communities. Come see us today to have your vehicle inspected, serviced, and repaired all in one convenient location.

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