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Tire Repair in Waltham, MA

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Comprehensive Tire Inspection & Repair

During vehicle ownership, you may have a situation where you experience a flat tire. Although the first thought is to replace the tire with a new one, you may want to hold off. Today’s technology allows auto shops to safely repair a tire and send it back out into the streets. This option saves people money, but the tire must go through a thorough check to qualify for a repair. If you want to have your tire repaired, make sure you visit Totten Pond Automotive in Waltham, Massachusetts. Our ASE Master Certified technicians have the tools and equipment to properly check your tire and repair it if it passes. If not, we’ll provide you with a list of tires that are properly suited for your vehicle! At our facility, we want to make sure your tires are always giving you full control of your vehicle!

Is Your Tire Qualified?

Although repairing a tire is the ideal option in terms of cost, not all tires can be repaired. In order for a tire to qualify for a repair, it must pass two checks. If the tire even fails one check, it will be deemed unfit for repair and will be replaced. These checks were designed to make sure shops avoid repairing an overly damaged tire and sending it back out into the streets. Here’s a quick review of what we look for in a qualified tire.


When assessing the damage of a tire, the first thing we look for is the location of the damage. In order for us to repair a tire, the damage must be within the treads of the tire. If it is not found within the treads of the tire, we will recommend that you replace it.

Size and Type

If the damage of the tire is within the repair area, we then look at the size and type of the damage. In order for us to properly repair a damaged tire, the damage must be no bigger than ¼ in diameter. If it’s any bigger than this, then the tire cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Along with that, any long, straight, or jagged cuts will automatically disqualify a tire from repairs.

We Want to Help You!

Having full control of your vehicle is important to the quality of your drive and your safety. If you noticed that your tire has some damage, don’t think about replacing it just yet. Instead, visit Totten Pond Automotive and see if our automotive professionals can make that tire brand new! Our ASE Master Certified technicians will quickly assess the damage and perform the necessary repairs if your tire is qualified! Give us a call at 781-890-5525 speak with one of our service managers or visit our shop at 511 Totten Pond Road. We’re right off Yankee Division Highway, exit 27A!