The Importance of Brake Service

Why You Need Professional Repairs

Brakes are one of the most essential systems in every car. Without them, you can’t drive safely. However, they are also easily forgotten when it comes to regular service and repair and can often be taken for granted. Several components are involved with a brake system, and over time these components can break down and become unsafe to drive with. Regular brake service is essential to ensure your brake system is working correctly and replace any parts that need restoring. Keeping up with scheduled maintenance every 10,000 miles can prevent you from spending on costly repairs further down the road.

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Brakes Wear Down

Your car’s brake system includes many intricate components that all work collaboratively to stop your vehicle when you need to most safely. From the brake calipers to the brake pads and rotors, each part has a job to fulfill to keep you safe. Eventually, this equipment breaks down, which in turn leads to a less responsive and potentially unsafe vehicle.

Your Habits Influence Brake Life

Depending on your driving habits and the type of brake system currently installed in your vehicle, most brake systems should be serviced by a trained automotive professional every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. While it’s possible to inspect your brakes yourself, a certified mechanic can ensure that each part is in working order and make repairs where necessary. Additionally, a trained professional can also make recommendations based on any findings they discover during an inspection.

What We Can Do

During a brake service appointment, a mechanic will inspect your brake pads and rotors to check the pads’ quality to ensure there is sufficient resistance to provide braking power. Next, the mechanic will flush your brake fluid and bleed the brake lines to remove any excess air and make sure the fluid is adequate. Afterward, they will begin to replace your brake system and ensure that it is performing at optimum performance.

Whether your car needs new brake pads or rotors, at Totten Pond Automotive, we offer a full range of brake services to make sure your vehicle remains a safe means of transportation. Come see us today for all of your automotive repair service needs in Waltham, Massachusetts.

By on January 27th, 2021 in Brake Repair