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Engine Light Diagnostics & Repair Services Available

Despite its vague nature, the check engine light plays an important role in the maintenance of your vehicle. Sure, it may not inform you of the specific issue, but it does tell you that there is a general problem with your vehicle and even lets you know of its severity. It’s because of this warning light that you’re taking action instead of letting a problem persist. When you see the check engine light trigger, take action by scheduling a visit with Totten Pond Automotive in Waltham, MA! Our ASE Certified technicians and service managers utilize the latest diagnostics and repair tools to ensure your vehicle is rid of this warning light. Whether it’s a worn spark plug or a dead battery, our team can handle any problem that caused the check engine light!

Common Causes

Sadly, there are a number of reasons why the check engine light may have been triggered. Unless you have an OBD II scanner, it can be difficult to determine the cause of the check engine light by yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t decipher what might be going on. . The next time you see the check engine light, make sure you check for these three causes. Understanding the cause can help make your next auto repair visit with us go smoothly and quickly! Here’s what you should pay attention to.

Loose Gas Cap

Yep, a loose gas cap can, in fact, trigger the check engine light. When you see the warning signal go off, make sure that this is the first thing you check for! Before you leave the pump, make sure that the gas cap is tightened or replaced (most auto parts stores will sell gas caps for cheap). Then make sure to drive a few miles, as it takes the vehicle’s computer system some time to register the change. Driving without a gas cap leads to fuel evaporation and more frequent visits to the gas station.

Worn Spark Plug & Plug Wires

The spark plug is responsible for igniting the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. It does this by utilizing a spark sent by the battery in your vehicle, and that spark travels through the plug wires to get to the spark plug. You’ll notice this is a problem if, along with the light, you have a difficult time starting your vehicle. It’s best to have them replaced by one of our automotive professionals as soon as possible, as they’ll know how to quickly replace them and get you back on the road.

Dying Battery

The battery plays an important role in starting your vehicle and powering the numerous electrical functions throughout it. You’ll notice something is wrong if you have problems starting your vehicle or the headlights and dashboard dim. Eventually, electrical functions will turn off one-by-one until everything shuts down completely. Make sure you have one of our professionals handle the battery replacement, as your vehicle needs a unique battery based on its make & model and ignition system.

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Driving with the check engine light on can be stressful. The next time you see it on, have it fixed by the automotive professionals at Totten Pond Automotive in Waltham, MA! Our ASE Master Certified technicians and professionally trained service managers will work with you to ensure your check engine light is off the next time you drive. Give us a call at 781-890-5525 speak with one of our service managers or visit our shop at 511 Totten Pond Road. We’re right off Yankee Division Highway, exit 27A!

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