Brake Service Covers All Your Vital Brake Components

Your Braking System is Complicated

If you know that brakes are vital to the safety and performance of your vehicle, you may know that they take regular upkeep to maintain that level of performance. Because your braking system is made up of several vital components that need to engage precisely in order to slow your vehicle, checking in regularly to make sure everything is working properly will prevent any unexpected failures. Unlike how easy it is to check on your oil with a dipstick, your brakes are a bit more complicated and harder to inspect. The brakes are enclosed in what’s called the braking caliper, a sort of housing case for the other three main components of your braking system.

Inside the caliper, the brake pads need to be replaced between every 40,000 and 50,000 miles, depending on how you drive your vehicle. The pads are the gritty surface that creates friction to slow each individual wheel. There are three main types of pads. NAOs (Non-asbestos organic) are the most common on vehicles because they are inexpensive, quiet, and effective. However, they wear very quickly. Semi-metallic pads have better stopping power, but the addition of some metal as grit means they are messier. Ceramic brake pads are quickly becoming the perfect medium between stopping power, durability, and cleanliness. However, you get exactly what you pay for with ceramic brake pads, so don’t skimp on a discount brand!

A lesser known component is the brake shoe, which should not require replacement or need any attention unless you have a significant braking problem. The rotors, on the other hand, need to be given as much attention as the brake pads themselves. Your rotor needs to be of high-quality metal to withstand the heat created when it is held against the brake pad. The friction those two create to slow your vehicle could easily damage other vital engine parts. A good quality rotor will help dissipate that heat through its metal.

Speak to your technician at Totten Pond Automotive about your braking concerns, whether it’s braking efficiency or long brake pad life, they can help you determine the brakes that are right for the way you drive your vehicle!

By on January 1st, 2022 in Brake Repair