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Brake Repair in Waltham, MA

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Full-Service Brake Repair & Replacement

Today’s modern age has brought about new safety features that have revolutionized the way people drive their vehicles. But even with all the new fancy equipment, there’s still a tried-and-true classic that all drivers can rely on when they get into trouble — their brakes. By pressing on the brake pedal, drivers are able to safely navigate busy streets, stop their vehicle, and avoid potentially fatal accidents. Due to their importance, it’s crucial that you have a healthy braking system at all times, and Totten Pond Automotive in Waltham, Massachusetts can help with that. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and office managers will work with you to find the best solution for your vehicle’s braking system. Whether you need new brake pads or a repaired brake disc, we have all the services to ensure your vehicle is always safe.

Do You Need Brake Service?

When it comes to monitoring a specific component in your vehicle, the brakes are easier than the others. Many drivers are able to quickly tell when something is wrong and fix the issue well before it becomes serious. Are you unsure of what to look for? Or are you looking for more signs to keep in mind? Regardless of what you need, Totten Pond Automotive is here to help. Here are two things you need to pay attention to when you’re using the brakes!

Strange Sounds

There are two sounds that you should listen for when using your brakes — squeaking or squealing and grinding. If you hear squeaking or squealing, that indicates the brake pads have reached their minimal level of thickness and they should be replaced soon. If you hear grinding, that means your brake pads have completely worn out and the metal calipers are squeezing on the metal brake disc. This can cause severe damage to your brake rotor and leave you with a very expensive service bill!

Spongy Pedal

When you use the brake pedal, it should be tight and responsive. This ensures that your brakes activate right when you command them to. If you notice that you’re having to press on the brake pedal a little further to activate the brakes, then you’re dealing with spongy brakes. This is typically caused by air or moisture trapped in the brake lines. Please visit us as soon as you see this, as the brake pedal will eventually reach their floor which can become extremely dangerous.

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The next time your brakes start to malfunction, make sure you have them serviced by the automotive experts at Totten Pond Automotive. Our ASE Master Certified technicians will have all the services your vehicle will need to ensure the brakes are performing at their safest. Give us a call at 781-890-5525 speak with one of our service managers or visit our shop at 511 Totten Pond Road. We’re right off Yankee Division Highway, exit 27A!

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